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FinChat and YCharts Ink Deal

FinChat Signs Deal with YCharts

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This article is reposted from July 20, 2023 as Stratosphere has merged with FinChat.
FinChat Signs Deal with YCharts, a Leading Financial Research and Analytics Platform
Fintech startup, FinChat has inked a deal with leading financial research and analytics platform, YCharts.  This gives YCharts access to the FinChat Data Feed which has detailed company specific KPIs and segments for nearly 1,000 companies and growing.
This deal is an important step in the distribution of FinChat’s robust company specific data that the equity research industry has aggregated manually.
TORONTO & CHICAGO - ( has reached a significant milestone on its mission to bring robust company specific KPIs and business segment data to financial analysts.
“This is a wonderful partnership for both parties in bringing forward data that has traditionally been hard to aggregate at scale.  These are data points that are essential to analysts, but have to be collected very manually.  
YCharts is a wonderful platform that has an extremely robust data and visualization capabilities for investors.  Their data on equities, bonds, mutual funds, analysts ETFs, economic data, and more is best in class.  Now, they have an additional suite of data to delight investors who use YCharts.” said Braden Dennis, Cofounder & CEO of FinChat
"At YCharts, we strive to be best-in-class when it comes to empowering wealth management professionals with the data and tools needed to deliver great results — partnering with [] only further solidifies our mission. 
Through this seamless data source, YCharts is now able to offer users granular KPI data that provides a more holistic view of company performance for a more comprehensive investment research experience.
Collaborating alongside FinChat allows YCharts to exemplify its unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled value and distinctive insights to our clients." 
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