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FinChat and Stratosphere Merge into one unified platform.

Welcome to FinChat! This morning officially marked the merge of and into a single, unified platform.
This new and improved FinChat terminal combines the extensive research capabilities of Stratosphere with the conversational AI assistance of FinChat.
Let's dive into what the combined platform has to offer.
To our former Stratosphere users:
This transition shouldn't be too difficult for you. Although the platform has some new colors and fonts, all the features you know and love are still there.
But now, you'll also get access to our AI investment research assistant, FinChat .
To get a quick answer to questions like "How fast is AWS growing?" or "What were Tesla's deliveries last quarter?", simply hit the "Ask FinChat" button in the top left to try it out.
To our former FinChat users:
You'll notice that there's a lot more to the platform. Don't worry, your AI investment assistant is still accessible at any time. Just simply use the "Ask FinChat" button or type your prompt into the search bar at the top of the screen to get your investment questions answered quickly.
Beyond the FinChat experience you're familiar with, you also now have access to the full capabilities of Stratosphere's powerful research terminal.
If you're interested in researching an individual stock, feel free to look up the company or ticker in the search bar and explore the comprehensive data of our all-in-one equity research platform.
Where to find FinChat
Below, we've outline the important changes to the platform and how to get the most out of our powerful research terminal.
Let's get started:

1) Dark mode
Our users asked for it, so we built it. Simply toggle between light mode and dark mode in the settings tab.
How to set dark mode on FinChat
2) Where to find and how to use the FinChat Assistant
Our conversational AI assistant gives investors the answers they need fast. Whether investors want to find a specific data point like "How fast is Google growing its search revenue?" or want to generate some new ideas "Show me all US stocks that have grown EPS by more than 20% annually over the last 10 years" FinChat has the answers.
Stocks with an 8% dividend yield or higher
3) Maximizing the dashboard experience
The FinChat dashboard is our users' launchpad. From here investors can see their portfolio, track stock price changes, manage watchlists, sort by their preferred metrics, receive notifications, and much more.
How to build a great watchlist
4) Exploring all the data and analysis available on our 50,000+ companies
FinChat has all the data fundamental investors need to help them make better decisions. From standard financial measures like revenue and EPS to company-specific metrics like Amazon's AWS Revenue and Meta's Daily Active Users.
Amazon Analysis Screenshot
5) How to easily create and share charts
Beyond tracking all the data investors need, FinChat makes building and exporting charts easy and customizable. Simply hit the “Chart” button with the camera icon to export your visual of choice. Once the export feature pops up, customize the chart with your own title and export in your preferred resolution.
Exporting example screenshot
6) Comparing companies side-by-side with our fundamental charting product
Analyzing competitors just got easier. With FinChat’s new fundamental charting tool, investors can compare companies side-by-side through a plethora of different metrics. For example, let’s say you wanted to compare Visa and Mastercard’s growth in transaction volume. You can now do just that.
Fundamental charting screenshot
7) Best ways to find companies through our screening tool
The FinChat Screener is an easy way to discover new ideas based on the parameters investors like. For example, if an investor wants to find US stocks that have grown revenue by more than 25% a year for the last 10 years and trade less than a 35x P/E multiple, our FinChat Screener will provide it.
Screening Example screenshot
We're excited to finally be live and can't wait for you to join us!
If you want FinChat Pro for free, navigate to the money icon in the top right of your app and share your personalized URL. For every new user you refer, you'll get one free month of FinChat Pro.
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For any other questions regarding the platform or pricing plans, please reach out to us here.