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FinChat vs Tikr is the Best Tikr Alternative

A Comprehensive Overview of the Two Financial Data Platforms

Why choose over Tikr is an investment research terminal that provides investors with advanced financial data, company specific KPIs, robust analytics, and a conversational AI Assistant custom-built for investing questions. From speed to scalability, this modern take on the Bloomberg terminal has all the right data and tools in all the right places. enables users to quickly access the numbers that move the needle of the business and comprehensive fundamental analysis tools to make data driven investment decisions. 
Additionally, offers a wide range of customization options, allowing users to tailor the platform to their specific needs and preferences with a clean user interface that makes it extremely easy to get started without sacrificing function. is a financial data platform that offers users access to company financials, stock prices, news, and analysis. While Tikr may be a useful tool for retail investors, it lacks the scalability and breadth of data that provides. Additionally, Tikr does not offer the same level of customization options as, which can limit its usefulness for more advanced users. Ultimately,'s in-depth data coverage, from historical financials to segments and KPI’s, and advanced analytic capabilities give it a significant advantage over Tikr.

Summary is overall a better choice for an investment research platform winning in these categories:
Granular KPI data!
User interface
Data visualizations
Dashboards and notifications
Ease of use
Conversational AI
Free plan provides global coverage

Tikr wins in these categories:
Cheaper lower priced tier


Data Coverage & Historical Data Tikr and Tikr each have a comprehensive collection of data coverage on tens of thousands of global stocks. Tikr offers free access to 5 year historicals on U.S. stocks, and 10 years on global stocks with their personal subscription. What gives the leg up is the sheer scope of their data; they dive back to cover 20 years of historical data, with 5 years available for free on both U.S. and global stocks. 

Dashboards Tikr
Both and Tikr provide users with customizable dashboards to track any company or index covered. Tikr’s watchlist can be personalized based on price factors, forward multiples, street targets, and trailing multiples, while also including a summary statistics table. Through the Tikr watchlist, users are also able to view upcoming events, news, and significant developments, as well as filings and transcripts for companies in the watchlist. Tikr allows users to add an appealing unlimited number of watchlists for free. However, takes Tikr’s watchlist and steps it up a couple notches. 
The dashboard allows for customization by selecting from over 100 metrics including stats on growth, profitability, valuation, efficiency, dividends, and financial health. Quickly view annual and quarterly reports, transcripts, upcoming earnings, and KPI reports right from’s main dashboard page. 
Additionally, allows users to not only view performance by table, but also easily compare companies historical prices, % change, and total returns by charting under the performance feature of the dashboard. 
While Tikr allows users to copy their watchlists, provides the option to copy dashboards or export them to an Excel or CSV file. offers one dashboard free for all users, and an unlimited number of dashboards under any of their paid subscriptions. 
FinChat Dashboard Feature
Tikr Watchlist Feature

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Get 5 years of financial data for free

Notifications Tikr
Stay up to date on all the action with’s customizable notifications. Subscribe to the events that matter most to you including the latest quarterly and annual reports, press releases, transcripts, KPI reports and super investor activity for companies added to your dashboard. View all notifications or sort by dashboard - easily accessible from anywhere on the site. Notifications are available to all paid subscribers.

Modeling Tikr’s financial modeling feature displays levered and unlevered discounted cash flows (DCFs) with their financial modeling spreadsheet. Users can adjust the autofilled assumptions and inputs to view the expected operating data, balance sheet data, and build up free cash, as well as compare to the most recent actual results. FinChat will automatically save all your models unless you specify otherwise. Financial modeling has never been easier and is accessible to all free subscribers.
FinChat Financial Modeling Feature

Analyst Ratings, Targets and Estimates Tikr and Tikr each have a unique application for analyst ratings, targets, and estimates. Tikr offers a forecasted analyst estimates feature for their users. They pull data from Wall Street sell side analysts for estimates of revenue, EBITDA, EBIT, net income, EPS and free cashflow. 
Users get 2 year estimates for free, 3 years with plus, and 5 years with a pro subscription. With your plus and pro subscription, users also gain access to additional detailed Wall Street forecasts for metrics including gross margin, FCF, net debt, CAPEX, ROE, ROA and more. Users can create their own visualization of actual and forward estimates by selecting metrics from the table.'s analyst ratings, targets, and estimates feature pulls data from investment banks and research firms to generate and visualize price targets, revenue forecasts, EPS forecasts, and EBITDA forecasts. View the historical prices that influence the future, Wall Street consensus targets, and high and low side forecasts. In addition, users get insights into the futures most bullish and bearish price targets, from industry experts at well known firms. Get access to all analyst ratings, targets, and estimates with any paid subscription. 

Industry Comparisons Tikr and Tikr both offer the ability to compare firms in the industry, however there are some key differences between the two. Through Tikr’s valuation feature, users can view pre-generated competitors by industry sector. Compare set metrics such as next twelve months revenue and EBITDA, last price, market cap, and total enterprise value under the free Tikr subscription. has a much more robust and customizable industry comparison feature. Through’s industry peers, add or delete any company and select from over 100 metrics to get the comparison results that matter to you.  Quickly compare competitors with a free subscription. 
FinChat Industry Peers Feature

Tikr Competitors Feature

News, Transcripts and Filings Tikr
Quickly access company filings through and Tikr’s filings applications. With Tikr, view the latest news, transcripts, and filings, including 10-Ks, 10-Qs, 8-Ks, and 13Fs. Filter filings by form name, or sort by period end or release date, then simply click on the file to open a new page with the document. Users can access all filings, news, and 90 days of transcript history under the free subscription.
While offers the same access to the latest news, transcripts, and filings, they created one easy to use, coherent interface with access to all the news and filings you may need. Already sorted into annual/quarterly reports, transcripts, ownership, news, prospectuses and registration, and other, further filter your results by date, form type, or title. has integrated the forms directly into the site; users can simply click on the filing to open the filing page in, with links to skip to exhibits and data files. Access to 30 years of filings and press releases, and all transcripts are included in a paid subscription.

Ownership Data & Insider Activity Tikr
Both investment terminals offer an elaborate ownership data feature. Tikr’s ownership data provides insights into shareholder and insider transactions. Tikr allows users to filter by investor type when viewing shareholder data. Their data covers stats such as number and value of shares held, % of shares outstanding held, change in number of shares held, and holding as a % of the firm's portfolio. 
Additionally, users can set whether the price used to value shares is at the last close or holdings date price. Through insider transactions, view the owner, number of shares, share price, % shares outstanding traded, and type, among others.’s powerful ownership data provides insights into institutional ownership, super investors, and insider activity. Institutional ownership covers stats like the number of institutional investors, how much of the company is owned by their top 10 investors, and how much is 13F ownership, among many others. 
View the top institutional and super investor data including number of shares, holding % change, market value, % of ownership in the company and holding as a % of their portfolio. Through insider activity, users can view insider trades and owners (>5%) transactions. Under insider trades, view the trade type, amount, price, security, owner and owner type, as well as security owner, backed by the form 4 filing. Under owners (>5%) transactions, view shares, ownership, sole voting, shared voting, sole dispositive, and shared dispositive, all backed by the form 4 filing. 

Super Investors Tikr and Tikr have each created their own unique application to track investing gurus and super investors. With Tikr, users have the ability to view the portfolio holdings of top investors, such as Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and The Baupost Group LLC. For each holding, check out the number and value of shares held, the holding as a % of their portfolio, the change in shares held, and % of shares outstanding held. Explore guru’s by their investing style, including GARP, value, aggressive growth, and other. View the top 10 funds of each investing style under the free subscription, and access over 10,000 funds with any paid subscription. pulls portfolio information from super investors like Himalaya Capital Management LLC. and Bridgewater Associates LP. With each holding, view the market value, holding as a % of the portfolio, number of shares, change in holding, quarter end price, and % of ownership in the company. What sets’s super investors application apart is their portfolio overview, ownership history, and quick access to the investor filings. 
The portfolio overview provides users with information such as the market value, portfolio size, and turnover, as well as a portfolio breakdown by industry and a visual representation of each holding as a % of the portfolio. View a charted ownership history, including shares owned and % of portfolio, for all holdings in the investors portfolio. Additionally, users can easily view investor filings for annual and quarterly reports, news, prospectuses, registration, and ownership. 
Access to’s super investors is available to all users under the free subscription. 
FinChat Super Investors Feature

Tikr Investing Gurus Feature

Dividend Data Tikr
A feature unique to is their dividend data. View historical dividend payments, including the amount, when it was paid, when it was recorded and when it was announced, since dividend inception. conveniently charts dividend data creating a visual of the dividend history, which can be viewed by per share or yield. Additionally, the data is split adjusted for easier viewing of historical dividend hikes. Dividend data is available to all free subscribers. 

KPIs Tikr
What sets apart from the competition is their granular, company-specific key performance indicators (KPIs) aggregated at scale, with perfect accuracy.'s KPIs allow investors to dig deeper into company performance by viewing business and segment specific data, such as subscriber counts, transaction volume, take rates, backlogs, and assets under management. With the professional subscription, users can access KPI’s for over 1,300 companies including the entire S&P 500, TSX 60, hundreds of large-cap international companies, and the Nasdaq 100. 
FinChat KPI Feature

Data Visualizations and Charting Tikr
The and Tikr terminals both provide data visualizations and charting features for their users, however there are some significant differences that make’s platform superior. Tikr has implemented various charting features to display price and volume, financials, multiples, street targets, and estimates. In the company overview, users are able to view a single ticker, or add additional tickers, to view historical prices and volumes for up to 10 years. 
This charting application allows users to mark up the graph with text pins, lines, flags, and more, however this function can be flawed and difficult to use. In the detailed financials, valuation, and analyst estimates sections, users are able to select numerous metrics from their respective financial tables to create a charted representation of the data. 
Additionally, users can add tickers to compare financials across multiple companies. It is important to note that only 5 years of historical data are available to free users, while 10 years are available under the plus subscription, and up to 20 years available with the pro subscription. has created a user-friendly, all-in-one charting interface that is easily accessible directly from the company homepage. The first graph will display 20+ year historical price, % change, and total return, and includes the option to add additional tickers and compare across companies. 
Below this simply search for or select your desired metrics from any of the financial statement, ratio, or segment/KPI tables to create your second, beautiful display of data. The freedom to select any metric across the board allows for comprehensive, yet sleek charting possibilities. 
Most notably, offers an additional, robust fundamental charting application that allows users to select from their database of over 50,000 stocks and over 100 metrics to generate a single panel, multi security, or multi metric chart. It also allows customization on historical metrics for up to 140 quarters, and the ability to select between an annual or quarterly view. The intuitive features provided by makes data visualization clean, easy, and accessible to all, for free.
FinChat Fundamental Charting Feature

Tikr Charting Feature

Conversational AI Assistant Tikr
Backed by its institutional-grade financial database, offers the most robust conversational AI for fundamental investors.
By simply clicking the gold "Ask FinChat" icon in the top-left corner of the platform, users can quickly receive comprehensive answers to any of their investing questions in an easy-to-understand response.
For example, if investors want to learn more about the famous investor Chuck Akre, they can say "Who is Chuck Akre and what stocks does he own?" Or if investors want to find a specific piece of data, they can say "Show me the growth rate of Amazon's cloud division over the last 10 years".
The FinChat Assistant is available to all users but limited in the number of prompts. Free users get 25 prompts per month, Plus subscribers get 250 prompts/month, and Pro subscribers get an unlimited amount.
FinChat Conversational AI Feature

Screener Tikr and Tikr both have a screener tool to assist users in identifying investment opportunities that fit their strategy. Tikr’s screener tool allows users to filter stocks by country, industry, financials, valuation, ratios and multiples, as well as historical and forecasted data. 
With the pro subscription, users also have access to premium valuation metrics, such as revenue CAGR and mean ROE. While Tikr has a broad range of metrics to specify by, they lack simple to use data ranges or bound specifications, making the screening process much more laboursome. Tikr offers one saved screen free, 5 saved screens with the plus subscription, and unlimited saved screens for pro subscribers.’s screener tool allows users to set specifications on country, exchange, industry, sector, margins, growth, dividends, efficiency, valuation and financial health to identify desired investment possibilities. In addition, the results table can be fully customized to display the company metrics most valuable to you. With investing guru screens and the option to set custom upper and lower bounds of all filters, this screener is the idea generation tool you’ve been looking for. Even better, users can add an unlimited number of screens for free. 
FinChat Screener Feature
Tikr Screener Feature

Earnings Calendar Tikr
Never miss an earnings report with’s earnings calendar. View expected releases of earnings reports from yesterday, today, tomorrow and the coming weeks, with the added option to set a custom time frame. Sort by date, market cap, quarter ending, revenue estimated, and EPS estimated, or search for a specific ticker.’s earnings calendar is accessible free for all users.
FinChat Earnings Calendar Feature

Excel Add-in Tikr has created a financial plugin for investors to bring financial data to their spreadsheet in just seconds. The plugin pulls clean historical financial data, ratios, segments and company-specific KPIs from their coverage of 50,000+ global stocks and 100+ metrics, going back up to 20 years. Customize the data you wish to pull to create the spreadsheet that fits your needs. Financial modeling has never been faster or easier. Sign up or upgrade to the professional subscription to access the excel add-in.

API and Widgets Tikr
Built for innovative platform developers, has created both API and widget features for easy access to their data for your application or website. With their API documentation, users can integrate granular company KPIs and segments from the S&P 500, TSX 60, Nasdaq 100 & International Large Caps, into their application. 
The widget feature allows users to build customized segments and KPI widgets for their own site, with only one line of code. Use the brand kit to create a clean and seamless widget that matches your site. Contact the team for pricing of API and widgets. 

Interface & Ease of Use

While and Tikr have similar capabilities, surpasses Tikr when it comes to the interface and ease of use of the platform. Starting with pure scalability, sets the bar high. The ever-evolving platform ensures users are getting the most accurate data paired with the most desired tools and features. With the detailed navigation bar, finding the tool you're looking for is simple. Within each feature, the display of information is intuitive and organized, allowing users to move between data, charts, or filings with ease, and quickly seek out their desired results.’s features are stacked with preset metrics and ranges, however their customizability is what really sets them apart. Add or delete any metric of your choice to ensure you're only seeing the data that matters most to you. From scalability, to the intuitive flow, to customizability, is truly built for investors, by investors. 

Pricing has 4 different subscription packages available:
Free Plan: $0
  • 5 years financial data on global stocks, 1 dashboard, basic financial tools, 2 year of Segments & KPIs.
Plus Plan: $24/month (billed annually)  or $29/month (billed monthly) 
  • 10 years financial data, unlimited dashboards, analyst estimates and ratings + other advanced features, 5 years of Segments & KPIs.
Pro Plan: $66/month (billed annually)  or $79/month (billed monthly) 
  • 20 years financial data, segments and KPIs, excel add-in and premium support, 10 years of Segments & KPIs.
Platform Plan: Price available by contact only
  • Tailored to platform builders for API access and website widgets
Tikr has 3 different subscription packages available:
Free Plan: $0
  • Financial data for U.S. stocks only, unlimited watchlists, limited access to basic financial tools
Plus Plan: $14.95/month (billed annually)  or $19.95/month (billed monthly) 
  • Financial data for 100,000+ global stocks, 5 saved screens, 10 years financial charting + additional access to financial tools
Pro Plan: $29.95/month (billed annually)  or $39.95/month (billed monthly) 
  • Full access to financial tools, premium valuation metrics, management guidance, priority support

Who is each platform best for? 
Individual Investors Professional Investors is an investment research terminal that should be in every investor's tool box, from individuals to professionals.’s robust collection of financial data, best in class set of company-specific KPI and segmented data, and unmatched customizability make it the one stop shop for data driven investors. 
Individual Investors Professional Investors (can be used but not ideal due to limited data)
The Tikr investment research terminal offers users a broad range of financial data and global stock coverage, comprehensive wall street analyst estimates, and complete tracking of filings, transcripts, and the latest news. Tikr can be used by both individual and professional investors. However, the lack of granular KPI and segmented data may prove limiting to professional investors looking to dive deeper into the needle moving data.

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