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5 Ways to use AI in investing

5 Ways to Use AI in Investing

More and more people are starting to integrate AI into their workflow every day.
Whether you're an engineer, accountant, sales person, or virtually any other role, you're likely using AI in one way or another.
However, for investors, the use cases aren't always clear. Successful investing often requires critical thinking, which can make investors feel wary of offloading work to AI.
However, there are several ways that investors can use a conversational assistant to help speed up their research process.
Here are 5 easy examples:
1.) Earnings Call/Investment Conference Summaries
Public companies communicate with investors on a fairly regular basis.
Whether it's through earnings calls each quarter, attending investment conferences, investor days, or product announcements, there are constantly new events for investors to follow.
And for investors that research multiple companies, that can be a lot to keep track of.
Fortunately, with FinChat Copilot, investors can get up to date quickly on the most important details of a company event by asking for a summary.
Here's an example: "Summarize Visa's latest investment conference"
Summarize Earnings Call TranscriptsSource:
2.) Company Reports
When you're researching a company for the first time, there can be a lot to figure out.
What does the business do? Who are its customers? How fast is the business growing? What do analysts expect for this company?
Getting up to speed on a company takes time... But AI can help.
By asking for a company report, FinChat Copilot will give a thorough summary on:
  • The business model
  • Financial Metrics
  • Revenue Breakdown
  • Earnings and Growth
  • Analyst Estimates
And much more!
How to use AI in investingSource: FinChat Copilot
3.) AI-Generated Prompts
Not sure what to ask? Don't worry, AI can help with that too.
FinChat's AI can automatically read through a company's SEC filings and transcripts to auto-generate the kind of questions experienced analysts would ask.
Here's an example of FinChat's auto-generated prompts for O'Reilly Automotive:
Ways to use AI for investorsSource: ORLY on
4.) Competitor Analysis
Another way investors can use AI to speed up the research process is to compare multiple companies at once.
FinChat's AI can dissect differences in the business model and highlight the trends for each business. This works particularly well for competitors in the same industry where they performance can be measured by similar KPIs.
Here's an example: "Compare AirBnB and Booking Holdings. Who is performing better in alternative accommodations?"
Using AI in investingSource: FinChat Copilot
5.) Screeners
AI can make screening for stocks much quicker.
Instead selecting the metrics and specifying the parameters manually, you can simply describe what you're looking for.
For example: “Show me the companies with the highest dividend yields in Canada.”
Stock Screeners with AISource: FinChat Copilot
There are tons of use-cases for AI in the investment research process, but these are 5 of most commonly used ones.
FinChat Copilot is the #1 ranked AI for investing purposes as it has real-time stock prices, up-to-date financial data, and useful supporting materials for each prompt (transcript sources, charts, company press releases, etc.)
Best of all, with FinChat Copilot, the first 10 prompts are completely free!